Everyone Has Faith in Something

It is impossible to live without exercising some form of Faith. Even atheist use faith to trust in the idea their is no god. Faith is built into the mechanisms of our consciousness. To deny ones faith is to deny ones mind, for we are faithful conscious observers, exploring our existence in an effort to answer the most deeply penetrating question of life. Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going? What is our Purpose? Any concept where by we attempt to answer these questions will require the basic elements of Faith.

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Everyone Has Faith in Something

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Everyone Has Faith in Something. Everyday we use faith. There are different definitions of faith, but the best definition is this: belief, confidence or trust: belief in, devotion to, or trust in something, to place confidence in as a foundation of knowledge. Confidence and Trust in something. Whether you are flying in an airplane or cashing you pay check this Friday, you will be engaging in a some form of faith. You believe and trust it will be safe or secured.

Scientists, Atheists and religious people all have faith, maybe different forms, but all have some faith in what they believe.
Scientists have faith that science will eventually lead to truth. Atheists have faith that there is no god.

Science can actually helps us put our faith in something a little easier. For example, if you are flying in an airplane, it is easier to have faith your plane will not crash because you have seen many successful flights and maybe have flown before yourself. But you still need some faith that the next flight you are on will not crash. However, because you have observed it many times you can put your faith in it very easily. Same goes with your pay check from your employer, You have cash your check every week and so byway of observation you trust the next one will be valid as well, but you still need faith in this.

Every form of Knowledge is rooted in Faith. Math itself requires faith from childhood to learn. All knowledge comes by putting our faith in what we learn, see, hear and experience. Once we experienced something that repeats its conclusion consistently we call it knowledge. So in essences faith leads to knowledge, byway of scientific methods.

Anyone who claims they do not need or use faith is making a faithful statement, because that is something that they believe. Believing something and having faith in it are synonymous.
You can’t believe in something and not have faith in it. All knowledge requires faith.

Also, All knowledge that we have comes from 3 places:
1. From people who teach us, God and prophets, parents, teachers and friends, society in general.
2. Books that we read, which are written by men and teachers of other men or inspired by God.
3. Personal experience from our perception.

So my question to you today is. What will you believe and trust in?
Men? Books written by Men and/or God? Or Yourself?

I personally put my faith in personal experience by which I form from my understanding of a book written by men who were inspired by God. I have experience God through Christ and now know him to be real. I continue to have a relationship with this living God and I learn from the Holy Ancient Scripture, the Bible,
I encourage anyone to take this path as I find it to be the most satisfying and real